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At - we provide you with a directory and resources aimed at networks which collectively handle thousands of affiliate programs. An affiliate network brings together online opportunities for advertisers (merchants) and webmasters/ezine publishers/bloggers/entrepreneurs in a cost-effective and time-effective manner. Joining programs or launching a program is made easy. It's a win-win situation for all concerned.


  Follow LarryWentz on Twitter That's me, Larry Wentz & my wife - Jody. I've been involved with affiliate marketing for almost a decade & utilize affiliate networks on a major basis .... you should too. I have hundreds of business relationships with merchants and using affiliate networks make the process more productive for me and for merchants. If you are an internet marketer then you need to get connected with the affiliate networks listed here. If you are a merchant & want to grow your business on a major scale then you need to launch an affiliate program. I highly recommend you utilize a network to do such - feel free to email me at wentzco(no spam) or give me a call at 701-282-3264 for my opinion on which network(s) is the best route for you. Follow me on Twitter -


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As a webmaster/publisher of a website, blog or e-zine (newsletter), your affiliate program management becomes much easier with an affiliate network. Your commissions from the affiliate programs (associate programs) in a network are combined into one commission check which is great. Minimum payment quotas that independent affiliate programs have set up often can't be reached each month and payments are carried over from month to month - it's nice to get paid each month from your efforts with the combined commission system that networks have set up. It also is much easier to find those niche merchants to promote. You can often compare stats to see what the best affiliate programs are to join within a network which is a great plus. You also can join affiliate programs within networks with ease. Internet affiliate programs make money for many webmasters/publishers and provide a great residual income opportunity on-line - everyone who has websites should be taking financial benefit of the traffic they have. Don't be afraid to sign up with affiliate networks based out of your country as you often will find merchants that offer affiliate programs in your country but are based elsewhereville. Many merchants ship world-wide. You also may find that targeting your advertising and websites on a world-wide basis can bring you more money. The internet is a worldly place... you know.

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If you are merchant that wants more business - start an affiliate program using affiliate networks. As an advertiser (merchant), utilizing an affiliate network could rapidly get hundreds to thousands of affiliates advertising and promoting your business. Getting a merchant account with an affiliate network also makes your affiliate program management much easier. A number of merchants are marketing their business through several networks. If you want to start an affiliate program then review the list of networks below. There also some benefits of getting your own affiliate software. The best affiliate tracking software makes management of your program pretty easy though you will need to do more marketing to gain affiliates.


When you start your own program (thru a network or independently), make sure you announce it in the affiliate program directories. There is also a software program now available to aid you in finding and recruiting affiliates available (works for building link exchange partners as well) - NOW AVAILABLE FREE  - Get Super Affiliate Report and Free Spider Software









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Native Remedies Herbal Supplements  - Lifetime Commissions! - Superior Affiliate Training & Support - Get Paid on Phone Orders as well

Market Health - Top Health products - High Commissions & Conversions.

Online Future Cash has 20 great sites promoting liquid formulas, transdermal patches and pill supplements.

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Webmasters / Publishers - we recommend joining all of the affiliate networks listed below. Get a feel for which networks and affiliate programs work best for you but remember that networks constantly evolve and grow.... so always keep in touch with this ever-changing environment. These networks include pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-click and pay-per-impression affiliate program offers. If you are a merchant, realize that utilizing several networks at the same time will increase your sales and exposure. However - sometimes just using one network may be your best option if that network has a large affiliate base and you want simplicity. This is not a complete list of all the networks out there.


Affiliate Networks

Shareasale is extremely popular among webmasters and also is adding merchants at a rapid pace - a very impressive network! I like the fact that there are many merchants that cannot be found with other affiliate networks. You will notice you often can get paid higher commissions here thru merchants that utilize bigger networks in addition to Shareasale because of lower network costs for them to run their affiliate program. Highly Recommended For Merchants & Affiliates!

 Join Pepperjam Network today! - Hmmmm..... Well I must say that this new affiliate network decided to evolve right out of the gate with a tremendous affiliate/merchant interface, tracking, reporting and communication system. That isn't too much of surprise as PepperJam has a strong affiliate/internet marketing company background. Top notch merchants (including exclusives) also help making this one an instant winner. I can pretty much guarantee that this affiliate network will grow rapidly.

 Join Network - This solid network brings some exclusive technologies that benefit both affiliates and merchants. I've found a wide range of merchant programs and offers that I don't see elsewhere. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a LinkConnector Merchant.

LinkShare Referral Program is one of the largest and most respected affiliate networks with a number of Fortune 500 companies running their affiliate program thru them . J.C. Penney,, American Express, and Avon Products are some of the few well known companies. Very large selection of recognized merchants!

Commission Junction - the largest and most diverse affiliate network - Commission Junction is a must to join if you plan on promoting affiliate programs of all types.

ClixGalore   is based out of Australia with offices in the US, UK and Japan. It has a large selection of click, lead and sale affiliate program offers that attracts affiliates and merchants "worldwide". I am impressed with this network on how it has grown over the years and the unique caliber of merchants that you can't find elsewhere.

RevResponse  Make some great extra cash on your site or blog by offering free trade publications to your visitors and get paid on a per lead basis.

 Market Leverage  - Find hundreds of high paying offers in a variety of categories with many exclusive campaigns.

 Clickbooth has some higher payout CPA offers and I noticed supplies some of the other ad networks with various promotions (not uncommon among affiliate networks to work with other networks). I do very well with several offers here! Clickbooth is #5 for 2009 in Inc 500 list!

Tatto Media was a private affiliate network until recently when they made it available publically to all affiliates. Find exclusive & high paying offers from this company run by experienced Internet marketing experts.

NeverBlue has risen to be one of the most popular CPA/lead generation networks with numerous offers in many categories. Enjoy higher than usual payouts.

MaxBounty is also a fairly new network but has a wide selection of offers already. Remember you can often find those gems at smaller networks - I sure have found a number of them here and highly recommend this network. Merchants - Start or bring your affiliate program to

Hydra Network has large amount of offers which include higher payouts on many offers carried by other networks. I am extremely impressed with the RESULT$ that are occurring for me.

RegNow is the largest network geared towards software only and has "TONS" of titles to sell. Categories include Audio, Business & Finance, Desktop Enhancements, Games, Home & Education, Internet, Software Development, Utilities, Web Authoring & eBooks.

Clickbank  has mostly programs geared at download or membership type products like ebooks, software and online services. You definitely can find a wide selection of niche affiliate programs here. One of the most popular networks out there!

PayDotCom is another affiliate network similar to Clickbank with tons of programs to promote

 Click 2 Sell    is a brand new affiliate network that has taken off very quickly attracting many merchants & affiliates world-wide. Find product goods, digital and subscription based programs plus an easy to manage system.

Direct Leads  has plenty of sales, leads and PPC affiliate program offers to choose from. I like all the variety of options and tools  they give to promote the affiliate programs.

 LeaderMarkets   - a ton of offers with wide selection of pay per lead deals . Very impressive so far!

 Cpa Empire - A few hundred top paying offers can keep you busy and profitable by adding links your site.

 Offers Quest  has high advertising payouts and utilizes well established affiliate software. Find many survey/opinion campaigns as well as the only place I know of for the popular American Baby magazine offer. online marketing you can trust! -, is a leading affiliate marketing solution provider. Web publishers maximize their revenue and site content providing advertisers with traffic, leads and sales. Currently 6 commission structures supported.

Ad Reporting has a great selection of about 100 affiliate programs & offers. They have real-time stats and third party reporting.

Fine Clicks   Many webmasters and merchants are very happy with the results of this smaller affiliate network. Merchants - click here for advertising information  

Referback casino  is a fabulous niche network for webmasters that are looking for casino affiliate programs. It is no secret that casinos make big $$$ and Referback provides fabulous support and tools.

     Check my Stats currently focuses on Australian , UK and the USA markets but has access to inventory spanning worldwide. Ad Campaigns include CPM - Cost per Impression, CPC - Cost per Click/Search, CPA - Cost per Action, CPL - Cost per Lead, CPS - Cost per Sale   

Affiliate Future has offices in the UK and US and has a large, impressive and growing choice of merchants to work with.

AffiliateWindow  has a great selection of several hundred merchants to choose from that has attracted tens of thousands of affiliates. UK based.

TradeDoubler is a large European network with a good amount of  programs and 300,000+ affiliate sites. This is a very professionally done affiliate network and feature some well-known merchants.

Leadhound - Webmasters make money from your site here . This network has a growing selection including some UK offers and currently has over 100 different offers. Merchants/Advertisers - To start your own affiliate network, click here

more affiliate networks being added -check back often





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